A little bit from my walks

Every work day, I go out for a walk in this neighborhood south of where I work. It is to get some exercise in since I have to squeeze every calorie due to my highly conditioned heart.

During these walks, I notice how this wealthy neighborhood has their houses. All of them have fancy looking facades, but who knows what the inside is like. Their lawns are well kept. The sparse yard art and signs seem to fit. The street even screams “look at how rich I am”. Young children go out to play with little supervision. At some point, there is even a large piece of land with a house on it and private property at the entrance. Maybe for another day.

All signs of a well to-do area.

And here I go wearing work clothes and training shoes and galavanting around listening to the Ramones or Motōrhead. Ironically, both bands that derided such decadent and sterile lifestyles.

Eventually, I make my loop and leave the neighborhood for the moment. I do this at most 3 times a day.

Author: caranmegil

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