This isn’t to complain about the housing situation in our country. It is partly to complain about the inflation of housing prices. We’re looking for a new house. We never were completely satisfied about the house that we currently reside in, but it is what we could afford at the time. Now that we have considerably more income, we’re moving on up.

My wife found a couple house plans in this neighborhood (yes, it’s that kind of neighborhood) and she liked them both. I fell in love based on the floor plan with one of them. We visited them today with my kids getting tired. The one that I fell in love with was reinforced through the visit. My wife is still mulling the difference. Either way, we win because the elementary school is across the street. We can set up a breakfast area and eat there in both. Finally, we can have an upstairs office in both that overlooks the elementary school. I just don’t like the other one. The rooms are just not what I like. And I’m not budging. So, the negotiations are at hand and I know that I will lose out.

Whine, whine, whine! First world problems!

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  1. You got to pick the fights with the wife you can win…which is not many of them…you might get to pick a restaurant occasionally.

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