My website has gone through several evolutions. The entirety of it was built using JavaScript in some major capacity. A while back, I started reading about this trend to either eliminate entirely or almost entirely JavaScript on a page. I don’t know how this trend started nor do I know the motivation. What I do know is this: until recently I was building with React and was unsatisfied. React was just too much for a little page that I have. So, I explored Vue. Different library, same story.

So, I embraced this philosophy and Nerderium is being rebuilt in phases using it. Right now, the only JavaScript is to work around a deficiency with iframe that causes all loaded pages, in some browsers it would appear, to load partway down if scrolled from the previous page. Nothing much. Just one line!

Author: caranmegil

2 thoughts on “Revamp

  1. Your RPG table headers and books are not either both centered or both left justified, and a number of your pages are sitting right on the far left of the screen, which to me doesn’t look correct. While i am not a programmer, except to copy/paste/change stuff, i am sure these are easy fixes.

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