Fun With Modern Fatherhood

I am a husband to a wonderful lady. I am the father of, as of the time of this writing, a 5 year-old girl and a 3 year-old boy. They are great joys in my life. I also work. I also have returned to school seeking my MBA from a local university. I also play hard with writing open source software in my spare time.

But this isn’t about open source software. It is about modern fatherhood. I’m not going to get into too much philosophy, or any at all intentionally. Instead, I’m going to do an exercise that will probably come across as griping but isn’t. It is probably closer to bragging. It isn’t exciting. This is just the way this blog post will be. To do this, I will discuss my typical week starting with Thursday. Why Thursday? It will all make sense in the end after you read my full of bragging journey.

A little back tracking. Every day starts at 4-4:30a with me getting up; heading to the gym, or soon the Peloton; and working out. I may chit-chat with the clerk at the local gas station. I head home. I do bullet journaling (look it up, it’s keen). Then I do work or school work. I then get ready and head to work. I come home. Do whatever. End my day usually watching TV with the wife and recalling the day and completing things from my bullet journal. On Thursday, it is a relaxation day of sorts. I hang out and mess with the kids. I play and play. Friday, I start preparing for my accounting quiz on Saturday. On Saturday, I take the kids to a local gaming cafe, BBQ, and usually to watch tae kwon do. On Sunday, we do more stuff. All in the name of keeping them so busy they don’t fight. Sunday evenings are spent reading case study notes for my supply chain class. Monday is spent doing it and tai chi in the evening. Tuesday is reading the accounting chapter and doing the supply chain lecture. Wednesday is doing accounting homework and then the lecture. Very busy. My day usually ends around 11p.

Also, my wife works 4 days a week, so I am sole caretaker of the kids on the weekends and those evenings she works.

This is the current state of modern fatherhood in America in my opinion. We are adding more and more to our plates in an attempt to satisfy our needs and the needs of our family. Fortunately, I mostly eat right. A recent lab test confirms just a few anomalies. I work out about 320 hours a week according to my fitness watch. It kind of reminds me of what women found themselves doing in the 80s and 90s. I’m not going to insinuate I am some super-woman. I’m not. I’m a man. A man who builds things. What I am saying is I think I understand where they’re coming from.

And I think many men do now.

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