Musings on Contentment

What is contentment? I recently listened to a Headspace meditation on the very subject. A quick Internet search yields it is the “state of happiness and satisfaction.” Promising. Let us ponder the definition.

Whenever one considers happiness, it is hopefully in relative terms. So one humans happiness is not entirely the same as another. If they do, they’re lying for a multitude of reasons such as conformity or attempting to impress another individual. Either way: they’re fooling themselves and others. So happiness is universal, as mentioned in today’s meditation, in that it is extended to all and distributed through out the whole in some way. The same can be said of satisfaction.

Unfortunately, contentment is not always long lasting. Let us consider eating food. If you eat the right amount of food with the taste that is, again, relative to your own tastes, you will find a kind of satisfaction, but this is not the state of entire satisfaction as it is fleeting. You’ll be hungry again. Furthermore, we can assume for a moment that we’re having a birthday party and we’re given gifts that we were long waiting and are happy to receive them. We’re surrounded by loved ones. All is well. All is satisfied. All is content. However, that day will end and become a memory of the past. The point of these thoughts is to not count on contentment to keep you going through actions of others.

So what can we count on for lasting contentment? We must take stock in all the moments past and present and mold them for future contentment. Additionally, the memories of contentment must keep us going during times of distress, unhappiness, or otherwise.

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