Among many things, I am a table top gamer. It is mostly pen and paper RPGs I play. Besides the obligatory Dungeons and Dragons, I enjoy the likes of Vampire: the Masquerade ( and D6xD6 ( Both of those last two games are kind of immersive and allow more freedom to the player. Vampire: the Masquerade is definitely rules heavy with character creation taking some time. Conversely, D6xD6 has quick character creation.

That’s fine and dandy to explore, using the style my gaming group prefers, the theater of the mind. Sometimes, it’s just fun to roll dice and pummel each other. That’s where Dragon Dice ( comes in. I have been playing this game, which was also created by Lester Smith, the creator of D6xD6, since 1995. As a consequence, I have procured a sizable collection of dwarfs, coral elfs, lava elfs, goblins, and others.

This isn’t promotion of any particular game. It is a promotion of the idea of gaming itself.

I enjoy it. It relaxes me. I come from a dysfunctional home and struggle with bipolar 2 disorder and PTSD from those experiences. Gaming saved my life. Flashback to my high school years. I was in a shell and struggling with a burgeoning mental illness. Then, I discovered Magic: the Gathering. Fortunately, it lead to DnD, Dragon Dice, and a world of imagination. It also led to interaction with humans. See, I was caving into myself and had no social skills due to ostracization in my elementary school years.

Enough whining, now for the winning.

This interaction with humans led to me eventually coming out of my shell in college. Along the way, I formed the Gamer’s Guild of Paola where we gamed and did gaming stuff. It had a signed charter. It was official.

It is with joy and after all these years, I will be revisiting this and timing it with a Geek and Nerd Fest of Kansas City of sorts that should be around or adjacent to International Tabletop Day. If interested, drop me a line at, so that I can plan a location. This celebration of gaming will be joyous and have grilling. Maybe I can even convince my brother-in-law make his Togolese influenced BBQ.

Keep it safe!

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