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It’s been a while since my initial post about my fitness and weight loss journey. I have had a ton of set backs. My wife noticed. I gained so much weight that it showed with the shirts I was wearing. The problem was two-fold: diet and exercise.

I was eating too much. It will sound like initially that I am blaming my wife, but I am not. She cooks really well. It’s innovative and without a recipe. Some of it is the Togolese cooking she learned as a child and my reaction to it. The other is eating disorder that I have. Rather than blame anyone but myself, I looked inward and sought therapy. Fortunately, I have found that mindful eating works for me. The point is I am now able to control myself with my wife’s delicious cooking despite adding equally delicious chilli sauce (see Dawson’s Shawarma Sauce). I’ve switched to using Noom. Initially, I don’t have much to say about it. It’s been only a week. It seems like nothing but a calorie counter with a WW inspired diet. If that’s all it is, I will cancel. Part 1 completed!

The part is handling exercise. In June 2020, I switched gyms because the one that I joined was not working schedule-wise. I also ended up having to quit tae kwon do. Sadly, it was not because of scheduling. I am getting old and the hips are hurting, so I replaced it with tai chi. This is proving to be much be better for me. Then, reality came up in my face and said “Hey, man. The rent’s due!” (with apologies to Henry Rollins). It wasn’t working other than continuing to perpetuating my “athletic heart” condition, which isn’t bad, just not for what I was going. Fortunately, at this time, we moved and the wife and I took a serious look at what we needed to change. She bought a Peloton. This is not an endorsement of a particular exercise bike like them. It is an endorsement of the spin class concept. It is working. I do tabata 4-5 times a week. I do 45 minutes of general spin on all but my rest day which is low impact cycling. All is fun. Check me out on Strava (caranmegil).

When combined, the food controlling and the semi-organized nature of these new video exercise bikes, I am finally losing weight in a sustainable way. I do weigh myself daily. Some find it detrimental doing so, but I do not…for now! The reason for the daily weighing is that it is synced up with an app that I can then use to see general trends. I like data.

In the end, it seems, based on my overall experiences from the past 10 years, you need to find a diet that works for you that controls caloric intake and, preferably, a work out that does help to create a calorie deficit. For me, this is working. I enjoy the food (soup and oranges for lunch actually appeal to me).

Good luck to anyone else who is struggling like me!

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