Particularities or Snobbery

There are few things in my life that I am particular on. I can whittle them down to four in particular: music, cheese, chillis, and tea.

Let us start with the fun one! Music. I am influenced mostly by the music of my generation and by the music of my parents. This is not uncommon. However, it has gotten to the point that I do not listen to anything but that which does not sound like that music. Like I wrote earlier: I am particular. I have honestly tried to expand into other areas. Even as recent as with stuff my daughter listens to now. It just is not for me. What is the musical tastes you ask? It is late 60s, early 70s rock; 70s and 80s metal that is not the putrid hair bands; Alice in Chains; Guns n’ Roses; Smashing Pumpkins; Ramones; and variations on death metal. By todays standards, it is old man music. What can I say? I am an elder geek! I am unapologetically obstinate in this matter. I will like to point at that my son who is three at the time of writing this is really into metal both modern and older.

Next up: cheese!

I am not too particular. Let us address what is bad to do to cheese. First, processed. That is not cheese, but some other monstrosity. It is inedible and for some reason my children love it. Kids are gross. Next, mixed with gross meats. I can understand mixing cheese with stuff to make it have more flavor. However, this is usually other cheeses or a set of herbs. It enhances the flavor and I end up eating way too much of much to my chagrin. But meats? Okay, I guess. However, these are gross meats like salami. Not only does it look unappetizing, it has to taste like, well, salami. If it is your thing, go for it! It is not mine, nor do I foresee it ever being.

Next up: chillis!

What do I like in a chilli? Flavor! Any more, depending on my mood, I will want super duper hots. Other times, I can settle for a red jalapeƱos. Bring me your sweet peppers, your poblanos, your serranos, your habaneros, your sauce infused ghost peppers, and, yes, definitely sauces made with the dreaded Trinidad scorpion! However, I put my limit at extracts. This is where I’m particular. Extracts are good and plenty piquant (yes, I used that word). They just taste nasty.

Finally: tea!

This is where I will admit to a certain degree of snobbery. A little history. I started drinking tea in 1988 when my once heavy drinking grandfather became a teetotaler introduced me to the stuff. It started with simple black tea. I thought that this was it. Then in college a friend introduced me to green tea. My mind was blown. When perfectly brewed, it has to me a kind of fruity, earthy flavor that cannot be matched. But what goes into a good cup of green (or any for that matter) tea? It starts with the water. It can’t be from the tap. The leave cannot be stale. I personally prefer the taste of lose leaf sencha! I have recently come into contact on a business trip some tea that was mediocre. I thought it to be the worst I have ever had. Then I went on a family vacation. The water was brackish. It was undrinkable. It was also Tetley. Then I went a few feet away to a place that specialized it. It was too damn strong! I swear people in that part of the country just do not know what they are doing! The only connection is that both locations are the South of the USA and they do not know how to make anything other than iced sweet tea.

Well, there you have it. My particularities. Possibly snobbery.

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