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i used to play a ton of board and dice games back in the 90s. I could. I was in my teens and had a summer job that gave a large sum of money in my humble opinion. I didn’t have a mortgage or kids. I was a teen and that meant disposable income. I played three big games: Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Dragon Dice. The first two you might already be familiar with. The last? Not so much. Let me go into a little background, then why I love it, and, finally, the resurgent interest in the game.

First, a little background. The game was created by Lester Smith and released in 1995. It was owned by TSR, the original makers of Dungeons and Dragons, now owned by Wizards of the Coast. Simplistically, it’s about a bunch elves, dwarves, undead, fairies, and various other species vying for power. These are represented as dice. Eventually, TSR went under and eventually the game was sold after some time to SFR (https://sfr-inc.com). The game has been owned by them since. This isn’t a complete history and someone else is taking on that arduous task. I myself was active in the game until about 2004, took a break until my life got in order around 2010, and took another break because I met this beautiful Togolese woman. I recently got back into the game after our second born came into this world because I figured it was time again. Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Mixed in cosmic alchemy (with Death thrown in there, too).

But why do I love it? It’s got a moderately sized manual, but the rules are simple. You either obliterate your opponent or you march up to capture terrain. Somewhere in there, you summon dragons that breathe fire down on EVERYBODY. There’s Death. There’s Nature. Good vs. Evil. All sorts of dynamics come into play and as always the randomness of dice that can be with a properly constructed army mitigated. I love it so much that I put in the time and resources to make the Android and iOS app Rolls of Esfah, which is a collection and army builder.

Right now, I think, the game is going through a sort of renaissance. There are lots of new players coming on board. In the last few days, I’ve seen, through no small efforts of SFR, people join the Discord server. They’re joining the Facebook group, too. However, since the start of GenCon 2021, many have joined. I’ve been able to participate in many online games using my dice. I’ve gotten frustrated, in the good kind of way that is healthy. I’ve felt the joys of winning. On top of it, a unified setting is slowly developing thanks to Christopher D Schmitz (https://authorchristopherd.wixsite.com/treeshakerbooks). It is a glorious time!

In short, if you like dice and dice games or are interested in fantasy games that has a mature enough backstory.

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