I am on the Fediverse. In particular a Mastodon (right now Glitch version) and a Misskey instance. What is the Fediverse? It’s a grouping of several servers running a particular platform (such as Pleroma or Friendica) that all agree upon a particular protocol to speak to each other, particularly ActivityPub and are called instances. There’s more talk about it in other places. That’s not what I’m going to talk about. I’m talking about my experience.

I find the whole thing liberating. First, and foremost, there are no ads. Granted this presents itself with a wider problem of funding such things. Some people who do these instances self-fund and do not always have the resources to maintain. Right now, I am able to keep up with the bills of the self-hosted https://friendface.fail, but it may not always be the case.

Some things about it that in particular makes me glad are all the alternative platforms that allow federation between instances. Don’t like Reddit, but want to do that whole thing? There’s Lemmy. Don’t like Instagram, but want to post pictures of your food (or in my case tea) or look at pictures of food? There’s Pixelfed. Don’t like YouTube, but want to post and watch videos? Fine, there’s PeerTube. Many more await you if you wish to partake of the journey of federation.

Often times the people are friendly especially toward those new to the entire concept. However, keep in mind, each instance has might have it’s own set of norms and rules that you need to abide by if you want to stay on it. If you’re worried about it being leftist (and often is), there are even instances of the platforms out there for right wing views. Look for “free speech”.

In the end, I do recommend it as a way to liberate away from the Big Tech platforms.

Author: caranmegil

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