So, I have taken to using my skills for good. I make tea. A lot of tea. And I bought a Pyrex tea kettle to prove it! However, I get up around 3a and I spend time in the basement doing work and things like work. Enter temperato. It’s an IoT device that has an RTD sensor attached to one end and a Raspberry Pi Zero W controller at the other to send notifications. Here’s a picture of it in all it’s glory:

The picture is a little out of date. I’ve since added a Pi Zero case to the Pi and will be adding a project box to the MAX31865.

This brings me to the components. I found some food grade 3-wire PT100 RTD. Remember to wash it with soapy water as there’s probably stuff on it not good for tea Then, theres the MAX 31865 to convert the PT100 RTD to SPI. Finally, I connected the SPI output to SPI input on a Raspberry Pi Zero W’s GPIO bus.

Fun, right?

Now, comes the software bits. They’re fortunately not too hairy. First, the controlling software is a Python script (source). Finally, I installed Gotify on a VPS.

But, does it work? The kettle gets to about but not quite a rolling boil. Then, it sends me a message that says the “The water is too damn hot!” with a picture of Jimmy McMillan (Not necessarily against him. He is just meme-worthy). I do find the tea to be good, and I do not wake my family at 3a trying to make tea with a whistle!


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