Life Transitions

My life is in transition. What life worth living isn’t? To flash back, my wife got her degree a few years ago in Doctor of Nursing Practice. This meant she took up a position that she loathed due to lack of experience. However, she recently took up one she has been meaning to do. This meant changes. I’m going through changes. Her work schedule conflicted with everything that I had at my current employer. So, I took up to looking for a new job myself. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I literally had 5 interviews, even potentially with Meta, which was interesting to say the least. There were stipulations. I couldn’t travel or travel far. It had to pay about the same. It had to be remote. I found two that met these guidelines. One had the risk for travel. The other was more local. The latter was an even better fit and starts on the 14th. The former was a good fit but had a 4 week lead time. It also paid less.

I basically wrote my own check. This means with this new job my expectations are higher. For the sake of my family, I will make it work.

Author: caranmegil

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