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Recently, a friend of mine and his girlfriend wanted to sit down and play a game of Dragon Dice, so they opened the starter rules. What they encountered was something that was sort of confusing to them. For some, the Starter Rules are not so much of a quandary. Congratulations! If you are a proponent for the Starter Rules as they stand, good for you! I am, too. However, this post might not be for you (you can still read it if you want, though).

So, what was the particular area of confusion? It was the basic player turn order. For those who didn’t follow the previous link to the rules page of SFR, Inc, here is a snippet from the version 4.01 Starter Rules.

Back in the day, Magic: the Gathering had starter boxes that came with the rules. Inside of it was a sample turn. I’ll try and do the same for Dragon Dice.

After initial set up, which was not the source of confusion, some players wonder where to begin! In turn sequences 1-3, they’re irrelevant on the first turn because nothing like this is in play right off. So, First March, assume that I have the following set up and rolled the dice for a Melee action. Let’s examine my results.

First March (Melee action) Results

Ignoring any special action icons (SAI) like that Galeforce on that monster die, there are 9 Melee results. How do you ask? Well, the monster gives 4 tridents. There are 3 other tridents. Finally, the faces give a total of 2. Faces are a kind of wild card for the most part. The rest of them are irrelevant for a Melee. Now that damage has been specified, the opponent then rolls for saves to reduce their damage. After that, the opponent may do the same. But what if the terrain didn’t show Melee (a sword) but Missiles (an arrow)? Well, using the results above, 4 missiles would be generated. Two would be produced by the fireballs and two from the IDs (faces). The target player would then roll for saves but cannot return fire.

Let’s assume for the moment that their second march is a Magic action.

Second March (Magic Action) Results

Again, ignoring any special action icons like that Smite from the monster, there are 7 Magic results (4 from monster ID, 1 from other ID, and 2 from the fingers with flame). So, with that I could do something fun like summon a blue or red dragon because that’s the colors of Firewalkers.

For further reference on Firewalkers and Treefolk (the other species in the starter set), I encourage you to purchase a starter set from SFR, Inc in their store on their website. Also, read the Starter Rules and, if you’re feeling daring, the full rules.

Now for some plugs. If you’re convinced you want to play and connect with other players, checkout the Discord Channel and Roll of Arms. Yours truly is one of the people behind the development the latter, so I might be partial.

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