Health and Fitness 2022

Periodically, I fall off the horse. I did so in June and July and paid dearly. However, as my kids’ karate instructors ask: “Why do we fall down?” and they reply with “To get back up!” Lessons can be learned from this. I did taekwondo until fairly recently. I even got to 2nd degree black belt! If it weren’t for some physical things with the knees, I probably would be doing it again. The point is, we need to know our limitations. I’m 42. I’m not 21 any more. This doesn’t mean I need to somehow stop exercising. What it means, I need to combine fitness with proper diet as that consarnit metabolism is slowing down.

My family on all sides have a history of surviving health ailments and living unexpectedly long. So, notwithstanding some sort of unfortunate illness or condition, I will likely live another 50 years! What this means is I need to get my act together! Luckily, my wife is really good at the healthy eating aspect. She has this wonderful doctorate in nursing practice with a focus on family health.

This means, starting the day of this post, I will go back to eating the wonderful health foods that I ate in my 20s and caused me to get into better shape. Fortunately, this will not require serious modifications. Partially, due to influence from my wife, I picked up this nasty habit of eating a lot of delicious rice that just doesn’t agree with me in the end. I will start replacing it again with mixed greens. This is just one example of substitution.

In the realm of fitness, I can finally safely return to a regular work out routine. I’ll be back on the exercise bike. I will be doing HIIT again. I will be focusing again on using the dumbbells with crunches and other strenuous exercises.

Granted, I’m 42. I can’t just do it for 1 hour at a time like I did at 21.

It doesn’t mean that I should slack off either!

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