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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Health and Fitness 2022

Periodically, I fall off the horse. I did so in June and July and paid dearly. However, as my kids’ karate instructors ask: “Why do we fall down?” and they reply with “To get back up!” Lessons can be learned…

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Your First Turn in Dragon Dice

Recently, a friend of mine and his girlfriend wanted to sit down and play a game of Dragon Dice, so they opened the starter rules. What they encountered was something that was sort of confusing to them. For some, the…

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Life Transitions

My life is in transition. What life worth living isn’t? To flash back, my wife got her degree a few years ago in Doctor of Nursing Practice. This meant she took up a position that she loathed due to lack…

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So, I have taken to using my skills for good. I make tea. A lot of tea. And I bought a Pyrex tea kettle to prove it! However, I get up around 3a and I spend time in the basement…

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Thanksgiving 2021

Today is Thanksgiving 2021. Let’s put aside the underlying issues with the holiday in the United States because they are legion and outside the blog post. I have issue with it, too. However, by the end, I hope to expound…

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Dragon Dice

i used to play a ton of board and dice games back in the 90s. I could. I was in my teens and had a summer job that gave a large sum of money in my humble opinion. I didn’t…

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This is a test of the ActivityPub WordPress plugin. This is only a test.

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I am on the Fediverse. In particular a Mastodon (right now Glitch version) and a Misskey instance. What is the Fediverse? It’s a grouping of several servers running a particular platform (such as Pleroma or Friendica) that all agree upon…

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Particularities or Snobbery

There are few things in my life that I am particular on. I can whittle them down to four in particular: music, cheese, chillis, and tea. Let us start with the fun one! Music. I am influenced mostly by the…

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