Exercise Progress

It’s been a while since my initial post about my fitness and weight loss journey. I have had a ton of set backs. My wife noticed. I gained so much weight that it showed with the shirts I was wearing….

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Among many things, I am a table top gamer. It is mostly pen and paper RPGs I play. Besides the obligatory Dungeons and Dragons, I enjoy the likes of Vampire: the Masquerade (https://www.worldofdarkness.com/) and D6xD6 (https://d6xd6.com/). Both of those last…

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A long time ago in a university far, far away, I was developing a chatterbot to do stuff in chat systems like IRC, Yahoo! Chat, and the like. To add a little oomph to my application. So, I integrated with…

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Musings on Contentment

What is contentment? I recently listened to a Headspace meditation on the very subject. A quick Internet search yields it is the “state of happiness and satisfaction.” Promising. Let us ponder the definition. Whenever one considers happiness, it is hopefully…

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Fun With Modern Fatherhood

I am a husband to a wonderful lady. I am the father of, as of the time of this writing, a 5 year-old girl and a 3 year-old boy. They are great joys in my life. I also work. I…

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Being Black in America?

I’m going to start off this short post with a fact: I’m white. I don’t know what it’s like to be black in America, nor do I pretend. What I can tell you is my experiences with my wife, who…

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My website https://nerderium.com has gone through several evolutions. The entirety of it was built using JavaScript in some major capacity. A while back, I started reading about this trend to either eliminate entirely or almost entirely JavaScript on a page….

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This isn’t to complain about the housing situation in our country. It is partly to complain about the inflation of housing prices. We’re looking for a new house. We never were completely satisfied about the house that we currently reside…

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Saturday Musing

I am sitting here with my youngest child near me. He is 2. This was after several hours of both my kids fighting. This usually happens when my son is tired and ready to irritate my eldest. However, now he…

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Fun with Exercise

I’m overweight. I pretty much have been most my life. The lowest recorded I’ve been was 225 lbs the day before I started working post college. Now I got pretty low at my second job and again just before my…

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