Dragon Dice Corner

Dragon Dice is a unique army battle game created by TSR, Inc and now owned by SFR, Inc. This is my little corner dedicated to the game.

Dragon Dice Gnomes

Rolls of Arms

Rolls of Arms is a collection management and forces building platform that I helped develop with a few individuals for SFR.


Sometimes it gets a little mundane playing the regular old Dragon Dice — two or more players get together and pummel each other until a winner is declared. It makes one want to go mad or downright quit playing the game. However there are other alternatives to killing sprees or giving up on the game — such as campaigning. Campaigning is basically a series of interconnected games. Granted it is like normal Dragon Dice, except now there are expansions to the rules including those that allow the possibility of developing a plot.

All information presented on this page is not forced to be accepted and is not supported by SFR, Inc. — the official owners of Dragon Dice. And so it is my humble pleasure to present my collection of information on this topic of Campaigning in Dragon Dice. (older) Map of Esfah

Very useful for campaigns over Esfah as we know it.

Other Rules Variants

A Dragon Dice RPG System

This is my first attempt at an RPG in Dragon Dice.

Conquest of Esfah, The (mirror)

A campaign rules variant for Dragon Dice, written by Netherworlder, who has disappeared from the Dragon Dice community. I myself have not tried it out, but it looked interesting, especially the idea of blazing new trails (exploring new terrain).

Dragon Dice Solo Challenge

A resurrected solo challenge for Dragon Dice.

Eric Plante’s Dragon Dice RPG

A resurrected RPG for Dragon Dice.

Magic Batteries

A rules variant I wrote that is the same concept as the magic batteries of Magic: The Gathering.

Small Town Esfah

A rules variant for Dragon Dice in limited play area and/or time.