Masterful Interactions

Masterful Interactions is a collective that I am creating to further advance interactive fiction. While IFDB is an excellent source for files for the tool, MI has produced a few IF of their own:

Interactive Fictions

Buttered Toast

Here are the IF for Buttered Toast in release order. The IF is the results of developing a movie script (then as Master Films) and then 20 years later culling out some of the unreasonable or downright not funny bits that were created to add more pages to the script. It kept the main plot points and converted it to a game where you can slap people silly.

Buttered Toast: the Interactive Fiction Starring Billy Davis - Episode 1 in the series

Buttered Toast: the Legend of Possum Crotch - Episode 2 in the series

Buttered Toast: Kansas City Burning - Episode 3 in the series (title is in the works)


Breath of God - An interactive fiction that I wrote to share my personal views on Christianity and Christians in general.

Church of the Resurrection Leawood - An interactive fiction that I wrote leading to the church that I go to. I assure you, it isn't preachy. Just one person's journey.

Mystery of the Missing Wand - A game where the story was developed by my daughter and I just cobbled the rest together.

Polarity - A game where you experience a simulation of the financial struggles encountered through bipolar 2 disorder.

Rock, Paper, Scissors! - A game where you participate in a tournament for rock, paper, scissors!

More IF will be developed as the collective evolves. If you are interested in joining us for a online brainstorming session, drop me a line at or join our group at

Interactive Fiction Machina

Right now, MI has only produced an open beta quality tool called IFMachina to play various formats, such as for Z-Machine and for Glulx.